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Cooking Beef Skewers by Michele Vieux - CrossFit Journal

Cooking Beef Skewers

By Michele Vieux

In Nutrition, Videos

May 12, 2012

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Michele Vieux of CrossFit Invictus calls them “meat lollipops.” They’re ideal for appetizers or just something quick.

“Anyone can make this—even the most bachelorest bachelor ever,” she says.

The ingredients: 1 lb. of ground beef, yellow curry powder, fresh chopped garlic, green onions, sesame oil, and salt and pepper. The beef is shaped around the skewers and can be thrown onto a grill or into the oven.

“If you have uninvited guests (and) you still feel like feeding them even though they just showed up, this is really easy.”

To download the recipe for beef skewers, click here.

Video by Again Faster.

10min 57sec

Additional reading: The Kitchen WOD by Nick Massie, published Nov. 2, 2011.

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6 Comments on “Cooking Beef Skewers”


wrote …

Hi Michele,

I have a food safety question -- at the beginning of the video it looks like you handle the raw ground meat and then use your hands to take out some pre-chopped garlic from your container. There was plenty of garlic left in the container that I'm assuming you'll use later. Is this a concern at all? As a home cook without formal training, I always wash my hands after touching raw meat/fish before touching anything else so as not to "contaminate" it. Is this not really necessary?

Thanks, and please keep the videos coming!


wrote …

That looks so good and easy! I can't wait for your cookbook to come out!


wrote …

I... am.... so... hungry..... now......

Nice audio, too! The sizzling threw me over the edge. So.... hungry.....


wrote …

Just made a batch, and two hours later made a second batch. Thanks for making such a great, simple recipe. Sincerely, the bachelorest bachelor.


wrote …

Where can you buy the chili paste in bulk? Looked everywhere


replied to comment from stephen offenburger

Costco carries the paste.... If you have a Costco business center in your area go there also... they carry a wider range of products.

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