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“How Does It Feel to Have Succeeded?” by Dr. Harvey Barnett - CrossFit Journal

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May 23, 2012

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Eighteen-year-old Harvey Barnett was a head lifeguard and a professional surfer preparing to head off to a Division 1 school for swimming.

But what he saw one day after coming home from work forever changed his life.

“When I got to my parents’ home, a bomb had gone off,” Dr. Barnett recalls. “People were just walking around in the street aimlessly.”

Barnett’s infant neighbor had rolled down into a drainage ditch and drowned in about 3 inches of muck and water.

“As an 18-year-old, not seeing any grey in the world, I saw only black and white,” Barnett says. “And I knew that I never wanted to see such a horrible tragedy again.”

At that moment, the teenager made a plea to a higher authority.

“I looked up into the clouds and I said, ‘God, whatever it is that I have to do to never see that again, I will do it. Just tell me what it is,’” Barnett recounts.

And so he started Infant Swimming Resource, today a 46-year-old program with which CrossFit Kids recently teamed. ISR’s goal is to prevent pediatric drowning through instruction to children as young as 6 months.

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Additional reading: Not One More Child Drowns: Infant Swimming Resource by Marla Carnes, published Aug. 29, 2011.

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11 Comments on ““How Does It Feel to Have Succeeded?””


wrote …

This story he tells is absolutely amazingly beautiful. I can't imagine how emotional I'd get if I had an experience like that with my father. You are truly an inspiration, Dr. Barnett


wrote …

tears...unbelievably amazing!


wrote …

Damn ninjas putting pepper in my eyes. Beautiful story. Incredible work!


wrote …

Amazing story about an amazing program that my family has been fortunate in working through with our oldest daughter and currently with our 2 year old son. Thanks for sharing the story behind the program! Thanks Dr. Barnett for following your passion and providing to my children the tools to save themselves, if ever put in the situation to have to!


wrote …

Wow... just wow.


wrote …



wrote …

Absolutely touching. Thank you so very much for sharing.


wrote …

HOORAH... thats some great motivation right there


wrote …

I just watched this and must say that the story is amazing and he is amazing... the power of one man can really change the world! good for him and all those who are lucky to be in contact with him. I have three daughters of my own and have had them all in swimming school since they were babies, because I grew up on a small island called Mykonos I naturally learned how to swim. But now living here in the middle of Tokyo, I wanted to make sure that my girls could take of them selves in any given situation, they swim, bicycle, run, kickbox, crossfit, climb and crawl, ballet, piano and just about anything they want to. I am never afraid to leave them alone...


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wrote …

Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing!!

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