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The Tim Baldry Story by Tim Baldry - CrossFit Journal

The Tim Baldry Story

By Tim Baldry

In CrossFit, HD Videos, Nutrition

June 28, 2012

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When Tim Baldry started CrossFit, he weighed 395 lb. Today, he’s about 215.

“It’s a completely different life,” says Baldry, who started at CrossFit Hammond after temporarily being transferred to Louisiana from Mesa, Ariz. During his year there, he says he got fed up with being an embarrassment to his family. Since March 2011, he’s lost about 180 lb.

“All CrossFit, all diet,” Baldry says. “It’s exciting to see the changes because it’s not something that happened over a long period. I saw results right away. And that’s what I think is so neat about CrossFit.”

When he returned to Arizona, he started training in his garage. It caught the attention of a neighbor and then snowballed into CrossFit Desert Valley.

“Now I’ve got 40 people working out in my house, in my garage,” he says. “We start at 6 o’clock in the morning, and I go to work at 10:30, and then I come home at night and I have 7:30 at night till about 9 and … people are comin’ over and we’re doing CrossFit.”

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17 Comments on “The Tim Baldry Story”


EC S wrote …

WOW! Tim, first off, congratulations on your success! Second, how AWESOME to see your garage gym CF! Helping others reach their goals, too. Well done and best of luck with your affiliate.


wrote …

very inspirational... Glad to see that your world has opened up. Glad that you're enjoying all of being fit has to offer... it really seems to have changed your view of yourself, and what is possible... Best of luck and keep up the great work... great to see your whole community coming together in the name of enjoyable challenging and of course beneficial improved fitness.
anton gross


wrote …

So proud of what Tim has done, he's a real inspiration that seems to be catching his whole community on fire. That's what I call a major transformation


wrote …

What a story, inspirational and shows what this community is all about. Tim your fat loss is not the only thing youv'e achieved, you have given the opportunity for others to see success through crossfit and you have a group of friends that will be with for life. Congratulations mate. Luke,sydney, australia


Bonnie Smith wrote …

Congratulations! You rock! What an inspiration for so many! Keep up the good work!!!


wrote …

Excellent work my good man. You are quite the inspiration.


wrote …

What a great story. You gave of yourself and ended up with a business that is your passion. Best of luck to you.


wrote …

Great story and awesome job, Tim!


wrote …


Your story is a true inspiration. Keep doing what you're doing!



wrote …

This story is what its all about. Overcoming adversity. Great job Tim! Keep up the hard work.


wrote …

This is the magic of the Crossfit community. I love seeing this kind of story, even more than watching the Games.


wrote …

What a great story Tim! You've done it for yourself, and you're showing others the way. It doesn't get any better than that.


wrote …


Congratulations! Your story is very inspirational. Best of luck with opening your new box. Frankly, you don't need luck at this point because you have the winning formula.



wrote …

Great success story. You've made my day. Not only have you made a 180 in your fitness level, but you're changing the lives of your friends and neighbors. Well done, well done, well done.


wrote …

Simply Awesome!!
Well done, Tim! Keep it up!!


wrote …

AMAZING STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wrote …

Congrats Tim on your personal success and inspiring others into the CrossFit community. I wish you the best of luck in your box.

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