Competition for the Soul

By Andréa Maria Cecil

In Competition, CrossFit Games

June 08, 2012

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Front Range CrossFit focuses on getting its athletes to compete. Head coach Skip Miller says it’s key to greatness. Andréa Maria Cecil reports.

Skip Miller believes in competition.

At the South West Regional, held May 4-6 in Castle Rock, Colo., his affiliate dominated the individual women’s category. All three podium finishers—Colleen Maher, Jasmine Dever and Becky Conzelman—were from Front Range CrossFit, and one of two FRCF teams finished second in the affiliate competition. The other was 10th. Last year, the gym’s team came in second at the Reebok CrossFit Games, behind CrossFit New England.

All told, the Denver box has sent 26 athletes to the Games since 2008. But competition is about more than just accolades for Miller. Mentally, it offers an intangible that can’t be had anyplace else, he said.

“That’s the focus of our gym: not the CrossFit Games, specifically, but competing. I think it’s really important to have goals—at all levels—and something to shoot for in terms of competition,” Miller said. “We just compete a lot. And not necessarily just in CrossFit and not necessarily just (certain) athletes.”

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2 Comments on “Competition for the Soul”


Daniel Andrews wrote …

FRCFs motto is the "Persistent Pursuit of Perfection" and that is demonstrated in EVERYTHING Skip & Jodi Miller do. They are true professionals and express parent like interest, energy, and care for their athletes. I believe their unprecedented successes validate their methodology, but you'll never hear them brag or boast. FRCF is a truly special place!


wrote …

FRCF is home to more than just elite competitors. You can be there just for general fitness and still get all the coaching, support and comradeship you'd ever want. The team spirit and pursuit of excellence runs throughout the gym; top to bottom, at all levels. The standard of hard work, good technique, mutual support and relaxed good humor exemplifies an ethos every team, business and community should strive for. It's a lot more than barbells and pull ups. The FRCF competitor's successes reflects their integrity and toughness as well as their physical prowess FRCF attracts good people. It is a prime example of CrossFit's merit.

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