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June 27, 2012

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It’s a familiar story that never gets old: Two guys hear of a workout named Fran. At a mere 95 lb., those thrusters look like cake. More than 10 minutes later, they’re still not done.

“It probably took us over 20 minutes to do the workout,” CrossFit HD co-owner Sung Kong says with a laugh.

What followed was pain.

“That was the beginning of our journey,” says fellow owner Andre Urquiza. “We were hooked.”

Years later, in May 2011, they opened CrossFit HD in Chamblee, Ga.

“We never looked back,” Kong says.

Today the duo not only has a coaching staff but also a community.

“We have people from all different aspects of life, all different fitness levels,” says member Jonathan Harworth. “And it’s great to see … your schoolteachers come in here and everybody’s doing the exact same workout, pushing with the exact same intensity, and it’s really a great time and it’s very inspiring.”

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6 Comments on “Meet CrossFit HD”


wrote …

That's awesome. Keep up the great work guys!!


wrote …

Hey I know those guys...


wrote …

Great job Dre!!


wrote …

Wow, the video turned out great, and shortly after our 1yr anniversary - quite the gift from CrossFit HQ!

Thanks for the kind words folks, we just keep trying to better ourselves, do better for others, and add value to the CrossFit community!


wrote …

Great job, you guys, looks like an awesome gym, with great community!


wrote …

Proud of you 'Dre. I still need to make down to your place. Thanks for the help you gave me when I was just starting with CrossFit.

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