Essential Architecture

By E.M. Burton

In Classic, CrossFit

June 25, 2012

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E.M. Burton muses on the nature of the CrossFit box.

A CrossFit box can contain an infinite variety of occupations, of uses, if not unknown and unknowable at least unpredictable.

The archetype of a CrossFit box, the original from which all others are derived, is the garage gym, the formal and practical requirements of which were outlined by Greg Glassman in seminal CrossFit Journal articles The Garage Gym and Garage Gym II: The Revolution.

As CrossFit spreads across the globe, we are starting to see a lot of variety in the spaces in which athletes train. They’re certainly inspired by their West Coast originals yet offer evidence of human ingenuity and adaptability. Some elements are common to all of them, however, and I find they all have more in common than not.

Jeff and Mikki Lee Martin, affiliate owners at Brand X and directors of CrossFit Kids programming, graciously allowed me to photograph their space in those few moments that it wasn’t being used.

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3 Comments on “Essential Architecture”


wrote …

Great macro photos and an interesting take on the CrossFit box. Love it!


wrote …

Sorry dont know enough to comment yet. also just learning to type.


wrote …

About to open our new affiliate--CrossFit Sunshine State--in S. FL. Couldn't be more excited. This and all related articles/resources on CF Journal are incredibly helpful and motivational. We're so psyched to get going! Negotiating the lease, planning layout, functionality. A home of hard work but also livability making our box a place our members love to come to, want to be in and hang out at--our box, our community. Yeah daddy! Bring it. Here we come……...

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