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Teachers and CrossFit by Jane Drexler and Lynn Kilpatrick - CrossFit Journal

Teachers and CrossFit

By Jane Drexler and Lynn Kilpatrick

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June 20, 2012

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Meet Jane and Lynn: teachers, CrossFitters and coaches at CrossFit NRG.

Jane Drexler teaches philosophy, and Lynn Kilpatrick teaches composition. Both said CrossFit is a lot like their day jobs. Being a professor requires summoning a tremendous amount of energy, which is followed by an awesome feeling once the class is done, Drexler explains.

“I would describe a CrossFit workout in the same sorts of terms,” she says. “I look at the board, I’m a little bit petrified, and then I’m in the middle of it and I don’t even think about it again, and then at the end I’m like, ‘Aw, that was awesome!’”

Like teaching, CrossFit is inspiring, Kilpatrick adds.

“I feel like the mental part of it has really affected me the most,” she says.

Feeling as if you can’t do the workout and then doing it anyway is a tremendous confidence boost, Kilpatrick explains.

“I think that’s a good reminder for every aspect of your life.”

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wrote …

Wow...Montrose got mentioned (I'm from Olathe)...That's cool!


wrote …

You know, you really inspired me on doing something except my job. I'm also a teacher, I teach economics in high-school, but I have no time on anything after classes. But I know that time it's just an excuse. So I'll try to. I guess I need it.

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