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June 29, 2012

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If you want to improve your snatch, Mike Burgener has the three-part answer.

“We’ll break you down into drills, parts, and we’re going to train those parts so that you don’t have to think about it,” he explains. “Then we’re going to put it all together. By the end of the day, you’re going to be doing three-position snatches.”

First, it’s his Junkyard Dog Warm-Up, then the Burgener Warm-Up, followed by skill-transfer exercises. To put it all to good use, the series is followed by three snatches from the high-hang position.

All the while, you’re saying to yourself, “’I’m practicing for a purpose,’” Burgener says.

Do the three-part, eight-minute drill every time you walk into your box and your snatches will get better, Coach B. promises.

“If I do that every single day—takes me eight minutes every single day—you will be amazed on how much you’re going to improve.”

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For some reason my flash player refuses to work, it keeps saying authentication adapter blocked me, download working fine.


wrote …

Windows Media download isn't working either.


wrote …

PURE GENIOUS ! every time I watch coach B give instruction , I become 99% better. Hope he keeps coaching for the rest of my life, and then some. Thank you, coach B from the bottom of my squat! The crossfit population is blessed to have your wisdom passed on to us. Thank you!


wrote …

Thanks, Coach, for all you do. When doing the Burgener warmup and skill transfer exercises, I always see the demos using PVC pipe. Should we ever increase the weight? When? How much?


wrote …

Is that Gary Roberts in the second row for the skipping test, wearing the 'Evolution' hoodie... looks like the 'fat man' got well and truly slaughtered!!! Good on you Gary.


wrote …

Can anybody please write down the exact movemnents for the skill transfer movements? thanks

Great video!


wrote …

6 > Great skills transfer tuition on this video with owen franks and mike burgener


wrote …

Coach Burgener always revolutionizes everything I thought I knew...

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