Ordinary Teen?

By Christopher Lucas

In The CrossFit Life

June 21, 2012

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Emma Miles is a Washington teenager who’s actually pretty extraordinary.

In many ways, Emma Miles is a typical teenage girl. She’s a 14-year-old middle-school student from rural Pasco, Wash. She lives with her family on a small farm. She’s active in 4H, where she shows sheep every year at the county fair and loves riding her horses. She lives a peaceful country-girl life. Miles is also a dedicated volleyball player. She’s played on club teams for several years, spending many weekends on the road going to various tournaments.

What’s not typical about Miles is her new passion: CrossFit. She discovered CrossFit in the summer of 2011 after attending a CrossFit Kids program. It ignited a spark in Miles that has changed her life.



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wrote …

That's awesome. Good for her.


wrote …

Where do you get a kettlebell with a skull on it?


wrote …

That's great! My daughter is 14 as well. I could never get her interested in any sport. But she started crossfit with me, and she absolutely loves it. She usually beats me in metcon WODs and she will come over or run back and inspire me to finish. It is great crossfitting with family!


replied to comment from Hobie Fuerstman

I won't try linking them because that sees posts blocked, but this should get you close.

Skull kettlebells
Ironskull Fitness

Also cool, Demon kettlebells
Demon Bells

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