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CrossFit 650 is home to Game Prep Baseball Academy, a facility catering to baseball players in the San Bruno, Calif., area.

Anthony Granato and Lucas Robinson founded the affiliate. Granato played professional baseball for eight years, including minor league baseball for the Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies. In this video, gymnastics and movement guru Carl Paoli, also a coach at San Francisco CrossFit, learns how to throw a baseball.

”Here’s the deal: I am a former gymnast and I’ve really never thrown a ball in my life. When I throw a ball, I’m terrible at it,” Paoli says. “So right now when I walked through the door, I was like, ‘AstroTurf here, I see all the baseballs,’ and I just got nervous.”

Turns out, though, Paoli has pretty good throwing mechanics. He has good balance, good body control, good torque and good rotation, Granato says.

“The most important part of your ability to throw a baseball comes from your core,” he explains. “And it’s just like CrossFit in the sense (that) it’s core to extremity.”

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4 Comments on “Paoli Learns How to Throw a Baseball: Part 1”


wrote …

Good stuff. One can immediately appreciate Carl's willingness and eagerness to learn! There is a good amount of material in the journal regarding football (i.e. crossfit football) and strength training for football, but maybe Anthony and Lucas can share some of there wisdom regarding baseball? Anthony, how do you feel crossfit enhanced (or maybe detracted from?) your baseball career? A lot of the movements programmed in crossfit put the shoulder and rotator cuff under a good bit of stress. Do you feel a lot of overhead movements (press, push press, jerk, OHS) helped strengthen your throwing shoulder? As Anthony said in the video, in basketball and football, one is able to have to success with pure strength and speed, but baseball is a more skill oriented endeavor where pure strength will not substitute for a lack of skill. Baseball to me is a sport where more a larger proportion of the preparation should be spent in the sport (as opposed to football) and a smaller proportion devoted to S&C. Josh Everett posted an article about his experiment with crossfit style training and the UC-Riverside baseball team a couple of years ago. I'm excited to hear what other thoughts Anthony, Lucas and the rest of the community have.


wrote …

Specifically, in baseball the two most important qualities in a player are 1) can he hit? and 2) can he throw? How do y'all feel movements in the strength and conditioning world specifically help/hurt these two skill sets?


wrote …

Great concept! I just recently started coaching my son in T-ball and have been thinking of ways to apply proper biomechanics to the functions of throwing and hitting. I would love to see more baseball related videos. Thanks again for the great work.


wrote …

Hey Bill, Having played and coached baseball for many years, my take on the 2 most important aspects of baseball are pitching and defense. The hitting takes care of itself if you can keep the other team from scoring a lot of runs.

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