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Now that you’ve done your time with band-assisted muscle-up prep in Part 1, Carl Paoli takes you to the next step.

In Part 2, the gymnastics and movement specialist jumps on the rings and swings. He does so with a pseudo-false grip: the thumb over the index finger. His hands turn out when his feet are behind him.

“If I have that and I can swing and the rings are still still and not going into this crazy swinging ring, then I’m good to go for the next step,” he explains.

Next: kipping and a big hip drive to get the hips as close to the rings as possible.

“I’m trying to keep my legs as straight as possible and just driving the hip up,” Paoli says.

From there, gravity takes care of the rest.

“Now from this hip-on-ring position, all I want to do is fall through by doing a sit-up, pull my heels to my butt,” Paoli says.

After pulling into the rings, drop the legs a bit, do a quick pump-kick, he says, and head right into the next rep.

Video by Again Faster.

6min 37sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 191 by Justin Judkins, published Sept. 28, 2011.

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11 Comments on “Paoli’s Muscle-Up Progression: Part 2”


Tommy Santos wrote …

Quick question

False grip with no kip or pseudo false grip with kip.

Pros and Cons?


wrote …

I cant wait to get to the box tomorrow and work on this! There is hope for my muscle-ups.


wrote …

Excellent Teaching.
Your going to save my shoulders' lives!!


wrote …

At first I didn't see the external rotation on the dip that K-Starr talked about when he discussed how to save wear and tear on the shoulder at the top of the movement. But on further examination, I saw it. It was slight but you can see that your hands are not turned in like most people when the do it.

The one thing I didn't catch however, was what you meant by the 'same thing on the way down' when you did the kip. I don't know what you mean by that and I didn't know what to look for.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks Carl, very clear presentation!


replied to comment from Tommy Santos

Hi Tommy, PRO of a false grip with no kip is that it looks cool and builds strength. Besides other competitive crossfit uses. Like strict chins or aren't going to need those unless the competition calls for it.


wrote …

Everyone is switching the the non/pseudo false grip. I saw a video that Speller did going over the non false grip MU. It helped me get my first MU on 12.4 open workout. Now if a former gymnastic athlete is teaching the non false grip MU you can expect a lot more athletes getting muscle ups soon


Tommy Santos wrote …

Thanks Scott.


wrote …

Thanks a bunch Carl Paoli, your instructions on the videos made perfect sense to me and my form looks so much better.


wrote …

Really great video. I can do stricts, but my kipping musce ups are a mess. Hope now i can change it.


Ahmed Osman wrote …

Now I know why my shoulders have been giving out after 2 reps. Thanks!!!

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