Box Tour: CrossFit Southside

By Emily Turner with Justin Bergh

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June 10, 2012

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CrossFit correspondent Emily Turner takes us on a tour of CrossFit Southside in Jacksonville, Fla.

The box is owned by Justin Bergh, general manager of the CrossFit Games. CrossFit Southside opened in 2008 in a 5,300-square-foot space it still calls home today. However, it recently made use of a room that was once a lab with drop ceilings and carpeted-and-tiled floors.

“We built this in order to be just like a skills room,” Bergh explains, “so a place where people could train before and after workouts that didn’t distract from what was going on in the general kind of big workout area.”

At CrossFit Southside, programming happens no more than one week ahead of time.

“Because we don’t write a month or a year in advance, that means that we’re always looking at what we did the last week and what we’re going to do the following week,” Bergh says.

At the affiliate, the requirements are the same for all athletes—whether soccer moms or firebreathers.

“They all get in a line, they all grab a PVC pipe, they all go through the movements, the progressions and do some kind of skill work before they hit their workout,” Bergh says.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 210 by Justin Judkins, published Feb. 8, 2012.



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Zach Even - Esh wrote …


Hells yea!!!! Dialed in, homie!

Keep kicking ass!!!!


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wrote …



wrote …


So Lucky to have been apart of the Southside Community

Thank You to Bergh, Chris, and Ryan for Everything!


wrote …

I couldnt pay attention to a single thing with the way he had to emphasize the most RANDOM words. That dude needs to ride the short bus to work, guaranteed.

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