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The Penner Family by Various - CrossFit Journal

The Penner Family

By Various

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June 04, 2012

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Amelia Penner started CrossFit as a weight-loss program. She shed 80 lb. and found herself as a Regional judge for the third year, along with her husband, Kerry.

Once CrossFit Kids started at their affiliate, the couple’s two daughters joined the workouts.

“I like being to be able to lift things and do things without having to say, ‘Mom, can you pick this up for me?’” daughter Laura Penner says.

The child often finds herself trying to beat her sister, Anya, during workouts.

“I want to be really healthy and be able to lift—like I want to be able to lift my bed,” Anya says via sign language.

While their parents judged Central East athletes, the girls enjoyed the competition from the stands. The competitors, Kerry says, are positive role models.

“I just like the example that these folks are in trying to push through a really difficult workout, and the example that is for the kids—that sometimes you’re not gonna get through it, but you’re gonna keep going anyway,” he explains.

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wrote …

Kerry & Amelia are awesome instructors @ CrossFit Wright-Patt! Their Penner Warm Ups are legendary! The older lady behind them is Amelia's mom who also CrossFits as does her dad!

What's really cool is that Amelia & Kerry opened their box, AKP CrossFit, the day this was in the journal! Way to go guys!

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