The Three A’s of Awesome

By Ryan Carbone

In The CrossFit Life

June 29, 2012

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Life is short. Ryan Carbone reviews three ways to make it better—in CrossFit and beyond.

Like CrossFit, life is filled with complexities and convolutions that can often make it exceedingly difficult.

And yet, despite the difficulties that are inherent in our lives and in CrossFit, they can both still be awesome if you keep in mind three things: attitude, awareness and authenticity.

I like to call these the “three A’s of awesome.” Internalizing these ideas and applying them to your life and CrossFit can yield profoundly satisfying experiences in both.



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wrote …

Good perspective. Thanks Ryan. We will be sharing this with the members of CFNE.


wrote …

AWESOME! Smile everyday and enjoy everything and everyone

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