The Ties That Bind

By T.J. Murphy

In Affiliation, CrossFit

June 11, 2012

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T.J. Murphy reviews Dr. Allison Belger’s new look at the bonds formed in the CrossFit community.

The Power of Community by Dr. Allison Belger delivers an authoritative perspective on what CrossFit is all about and how the community is linked together.

Belger is a psychologist and co-owner of four CrossFit affiliates in Marin, Calif., with her husband, T.J. She was also on the team from T.J.’s Gym that won the 2011 NorCal Regional. In The Power of Community, Belger submits her professional perspective on the mechanics underlying the community-building reputation CrossFit has crafted in the last decade since the template was cut by Greg Glassman’s original Santa Cruz gym.

Belger’s perspective though, is not that of the outside-looking-in academic. Rather, to illustrate her points, Belger weaves in stories she’s witnessed firsthand as an affiliate owner or from the CrossFit world.

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wrote …

Excellent book and very honored to be a part of it. I'm surprised there was no mention of Steve's Club in this review. Regardless, Alison Belger really did a magnificent job of showing the power of community. Kudos to Alison!

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