Tour de Force

By Mike Warkentin

In CrossFit

June 15, 2012

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Europe’s vibrant CrossFit community was out in full effect at the CrossFit Tour stop in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mike Warkentin reports.

In 2009, CrossFit Games competitor and Princeton grad Blair Morrison told the CrossFit Journal that he was moving to Europe to pursue a master’s degree. That was shortly after Mikko Salo had won the CrossFit Games and young Annie Thorisdottir had served notice that she’d soon be a very elite CrossFit competitor.

We leaned on Morrison because we viewed him as our man at ground zero of the fitness revolution that was about to happen, and we named his first article CrossFit Europe—Part 1: Adaptation to a World Without Boxes. The subhead continued: “CrossFit Games competitor Blair Morrison is living in Europe and trying to stay fit on a continent that’s just discovering CrossFit. “

If the CrossFit Tour stop in Copenhagen, Denmark, proved anything, it’s that Europe has very much discovered CrossFit.

In fact, CrossFit in Europe is thriving.

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wrote …

Very cool. I too would would be honored to serve a meal for the "cross-fit" founder.


wrote …


Why the "cross-fit" in quotes? It's written as CrossFit in the article.

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