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The Turkish Get-Up Series: The Armbar Stretch by Jeff Martone - CrossFit Journal

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June 06, 2012

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In the first part of this Turkish get-up series, kettlebell guru Jeff Martone breaks down the armbar stretch.

“The armbar stretch is probably one of the best shoulder-rehab exercises you can do,” he says.

It builds strength, flexibility and stability in the shoulder girdle, Martone adds.

The stretch starts on the floor with a one-armed press to straighten out the arm. Then the heel on the same side comes into and just outside the butt. After that, a heel drive ensures the hip and shoulder are moving at the same time as the person rolls over to flatten out.

Keeping a neutral spine and the weight directly over the shoulder is important, Martone notes.

“The arm always stays straight up and down,” he says.

The stretch can be held for time for 3 to 5 reps, Martone says.

“If you can get in the habit of doing this daily … as part of your warm-up—phenomenal, phenomenal.”

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wrote …

This video has an excellent explanation of the arm-bar stretch, which is a movement that is easier than it looks, as along as it is done properly and methodically. I definitely feel why it is used in shoulder rehab, because my own shoulder feels more secure and stronger when in the top "holding position". I enjoy this kettlebell video series as a refresher to Jeff Martone's Kettlebell Certification Course, which I found very informative and fun.

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