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July 17, 2012

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Join members of the Santa Monica Police Department SWAT Team on training day. Each member is wearing close to 50 lb. of gear as the team simulates the pursuit of two suspects.

Since 1992, team members have been meeting in the mornings at the beach to work out together. Eventually, Scott McGee and another team member snuck in a couple of CrossFit workouts. Now, CrossFit is all the team does.

“These guys came along, introduced CrossFit and kind of changed everything,” says fellow member Greg Smiley. “I feel like I’m fitter—even though I’m 44 years old—than I was when I was 24 years old.”

And the workouts are ideal for the team’s line of work.

“Being good at CrossFit makes you, I think, physically fit enough to endure long SWAT operations,” McGee says.

Another team member, Mike Braaten, called the workouts “great.”

“I think it’s the best thing that’s come around for us as far as physical-fitness-wise since I’ve been on the team,” he says.

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6 Comments on “SWAT Team Goes CrossFit”


wrote …

Only able to get 2 minutes of the video


wrote …

I could only get 2 Minutes as well. Hopefully it will be fixed soon I am very interested in the rest of the story


wrote …

Yuup.. Where's the rest??


Alexandre Shimizu wrote …

Same here, just the preview.


Alexandre Shimizu wrote …

Same here, just the preview.


Jason Hanrahan wrote …

Awesome video... I love the mentality of these guys, keep at it!

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