Meet CrossFit West Jax

By Nick Hawkes

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July 12, 2012

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Nick Hawkes didn’t plan on being an affiliate owner. When he was visiting a friend in Jacksonville, Fla., he saw that the gym where he went to catch a workout was for sale. A month later, after scrounging up some cash, he bought the place.

“It was a really big gamble on my part,” Hawkes says.

Today, he owns Field House Gym, also known as CrossFit West Jax.

With two years under his belt, Hawkes has seen his membership and community grow. He’s learned a lot in that time and has advice to impart on other affiliate owners.

“Everyone is on the same journey. It doesn’t matter where you are. Everyone needs a little bit of criticism, and that’s why they’re here,” he says. “I think the biggest disservice you can do to your client is not shootin’ ’em straight.”

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9 Comments on “Meet CrossFit West Jax”


wrote …

This was great!


wrote …

39 - "uhhs"
1 - beast mode
1 - beat moded


Michael Schaal wrote …

Good stuff!


wrote …

Great place. I've trained there


wrote …

How close is this place to University of North Florida?


wrote …

Nick Hawkes is a super guy and great Coach. He is a straight shooter and one of the best coaches in town. The Box is also very nice, as are the people in it.

Its not close to UNF, it's on the West Side of Town, so may be 12 plus miles. But it's a fast ride and well worth it.

Nick, great to see you in this Series.


wrote …

Nick left Invictus 2 years ago and not a week goes by that my husband and I don't mention how much we miss him.

Nick is super special and deserves all the good things that are happening to him!


wrote …

Nick took me to the hospital the night I passed my first kidney stone. He stayed the whole night. He is a good friend.


CJ Martin wrote …

Nick is the man!!! He's definitely missed at Invictus, but we couldn't be happier for him or more proud of what he's doing out there in Jacksonville.

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