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CrossFit Kids’ Culture by Jeff and Mikki Lee Martin - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Kids’ Culture

By Jeff and Mikki Lee Martin

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July 26, 2012

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When Jeff and Mikki Lee Martin discovered CrossFit in the summer of 2003, they couldn’t get any adults interested. Kids, however, were another story.

“Our kids program really started almost a year ahead of the adult program,” Jeff says.

Known as the creators of CrossFit Kids, the couple says trainers must decide that they want to work with children, and then their box has to be “a certain way.”

“We’re devoid of skulls and blood around here,” Jeff says of CrossFit Brand X. “Our box is geared toward families.”

In terms of preparation, Mikki notes, there is a great difference between training adults and training kids.

“The energy that’s required to keep kids engaged is tenfold what it is for an adult class,” she says.

Nonetheless, the athletes are still CrossFitters.

“The kids will make their own community in the same way that adults do,” she says. “They right away relate to other people enjoying the same thing that they’re enjoying exactly like the adults.”

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4 Comments on “CrossFit Kids’ Culture”


wrote …

Jeff and Mikki never fail to impress, and always seem to continually outdo themselves (in their videos). I would happily send my kids...


wrote …

Wow man, Show a little respect.

I don't personally know Jeff or Mikki, but they are obviously doing a lot of things right, calling them "morons" is completely uncalled for.

Just because you listen to hardcore music and have skulls/blood painted on walls doesn't show anything about mental toughness. These trainers/kids aren't trying to teach/learn how to act tough, they are coaching/learning what it means to have to dig deep inside yourself to accomplish a gaol. Whether that goal be a WOD or what life throws at you...

Grow Up.


wrote …

Great people. Great vision.


wrote …

That's a great video, thank you!

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