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Simple Nutrition by E.C. Synkowski - CrossFit Journal

Simple Nutrition

By E.C. Synkowski

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CrossFit trainer E.C. Synkowski offers practical nutrition information to help with day-to-day choices. At CrossFit Hingham, she talks to a group of CrossFitters about macronutrients, micronutrients, nutrient density and nutrient synergy.

“Food is our fuel for metabolism,” she explains. “Metabolism is all the chemical processes that go on necessary to maintain life, also to produce energy, to do CrossFit.”

When it comes to making choices about what to eat and what to avoid, she says it comes down to two questions: Where are you relative to where you want to be? How much are we talking about?

“Are you lean? Are you fit? Are you healthy? That’s going to tell us … are you … in excess already or are you at levels that are supporting exercise?” she says. “The quantity is always going to matter to some degree.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 220 by Justin Judkins April 18, 2012.

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for some reason the flash is not working for me


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flash not working for me either. authorization adaptor error? flash can suck it.


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I cant watch any of the videos..
this sucks..


wrote …

Greatest CF video ever made. Thanks guys.


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Can we go back to seeing more articles and less videos please? Not everyone has access to broadband or an unlimited data plan. Especially now you constantly post with "these files are larger than normal Journal videos"


replied to comment from Brian Clark

If the Flash is not working -- were you logged in? I find that if I try to download a file before logging in, it doesn't work and says I need a different Codec. However, after I log in, downloading and viewing the file works great. Every time.


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that was a cool video, makes alot of sense


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im logged in and non of the flash videos work for me. i sent a email, we will see if they fix it


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Flash still not working. Look forward to seeing the video.


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Have to agree this is one of the best and simplest videos related to nutrition I have ever seen.


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Awesome stuff EC, thank you; out community continues to benefit from your work.


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Fish oil is comprised of both DHA and EPA, they come together. Almost every credible source recommends taking a few grams a day regardless of your omega-6 intake, the health benefits are far to good. Keep in mind that the omega-6s that come with nuts are coming combined with other nutrients that compliment, as EC noted.You need omega-6. It's the omega-6 oils that have been extracted, heated to burning or led to rancidity that most people should look out for (vegetable oils) A quarter cup of nuts or so is not a big deal unless you are getting no omega-3s at all. It's all about the ratio. The generally recognized ratio for optimal health is 1-2 grams omega6 to 1 gram omega 3. Ancient man was 1:1. You are probably not going to calculate those ratios so eat some nuts, take your fish oil and try to eat foods that don't come from places where people where lab coats.


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Where are you in relation to where you want to be? and
How much are we talking about?
Two great questions in my opinion. Awesome video, thanks.


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Video Not found. Darn.

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