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July 06, 2012

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Ever heard of an annual sales meeting that involved working out?

HGST, formerly known as Hitachi GST, decided that CrossFit was the best way to bring together nearly 200 employees from around the world.

Paul Southern, owner of CrossFit Pleasanton, coordinated the event at Hayes Mansion in San Jose, Calif. He describes it as a team-building event.

“When you work out with a group of people, you bond with them,” he says. “Everybody knows that from working out in a CrossFit box.”

Several CrossFit coaches were on hand, including 2008 CrossFit Games champion Jason Khalipa.

“It changed our lifestyle, so we thought maybe it would be good to just give the people the experience of trying something a little different,” says HGST’s Jerry Kagele.

HGST develops hard disk drives, solid-state drives, external storage solutions, and services used to store, preserve and manage data.

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3 Comments on “CrossFit for Corporate Team Building”


wrote …

Thanks for posting this, I have been considering doing something like this for the company I work for. I just did not know where to start. This has given me some ideas and I am definitely going to suggest doing some thing similar to my boss.

Scott Paddock


wrote …

Great job on this. I think there's lots of room for more of this kind of thing for CrossFit.


wrote …

That's a really nice idea. Not that fresh, but good. Would like to read about results in the next CrossFit posts.

corporate team building

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