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It Makes a Village by Dallin Frampton - CrossFit Journal

It Makes a Village

By Dallin Frampton

In CrossFit

July 06, 2012

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Dallin Frampton built a home in Kenya, and now CrossFit is building momentum for its humanitarian efforts in Duruma land.

After literally building my own shelter in Kenya, I can honestly say that I hold a respect for these people challenged by none. They use the simplest materials to build amazing houses out of sticks and mud. I don’t think I have ever slept as good as I did in my hammock under the roof of a true Duruma house after those long days of working on it.

CrossFit has now been working in this area of Kenya for about nine months, and although our impact is in a relatively small village, our work has impacted thousands of people. By building a four-room school building, a 35,000-liter water cistern and 60 desks in the village of Dzendereni, we have seen incredible improvement not only in the classroom but also in the faces of the villagers. They have seen what CrossFit is capable of doing, and the hope that radiates from their eyes is contagious.

CrossFit is going to bring as many affiliates as possible on board to help create sustainable and realistic solutions for education, water and food for these villagers in Kenya, and no affiliate should underestimate the immense difference they can make in this part of the world and the incredible impact they will have on the lives of the Duruma people.

For more information on how you and your affiliate can help the CrossFit efforts in Kenya, email Dallin Frampton:

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