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Jacinto Bonilla Learns the Split Snatch by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

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July 19, 2012

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CrossFit Games Masters athlete Jacinto Bonilla has shoulder pain, especially when he performs squat snatches. So Olympic-weightlifting coach Mike Burgener recommends he split snatch. The split snatch is often used by athletes who have flexibility issues and is more forgiving of technical errors.

“The pull’s exactly the same. You don’t pull a barbell up. You pull your body down into the split,” Burgener says while hosting several competitive CrossFitters at his home. “So you gotta get flexible—ankle, knee and hip flexibility—in that lunge, and you gotta learn how to create speed on the barbell and then get underneath it.”

Burgener warns that it’s not about pulling the bar up; it’s about moving quickly.

“You can do it if you get that torso straight up and down,” he tells the 72-year-old Bonilla.

Burgener recommends footwork drills.

“You more than anybody else have got to be thinking … speed, speed, speed, speed right into that lunge.”

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4 Comments on “Jacinto Bonilla Learns the Split Snatch”


wrote …

As usual, coach B, the easily stated instruction makes the movement understandable and repeatable. Which will definitely improve my ability to move correctly and get the mechanics. I too have the immobile shoulders , and I can't wait to get home to my bar and implement your coaching points to improve my snatch. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom to the crossfit community. I am a sponge , soaking up the information you share with us. Please keep doing so, Thank you again. Every one of my workouts starts with the Burgener warm up and the junkyard dog and anything you have shared toward as far as skills transfer. So this will definitely become part of my warmup.


wrote …

Thanks. It always sounds easier than the doing. Practice,, practice, practice.


wrote …

I think the split snatch should be the default for most of the CF (and general) population. Most people will not develop the strength and skill to max out their potential in the lift. The reduced accuracy and flexibility demands for the split snatch will allow the lifter to probably lift more in the end. Of course, this isn’t done “for time”, so there’s that argument against.


wrote …

I think I just heard Coach B recommending bowling shoes... ;-)

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