Strength From Struggle

By Bradley Berlin

In The CrossFit Life

July 19, 2012

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Just as weightlifting builds strength, difficult experiences build character. Bradley Berlin explores how stress is relative and attitude is everything.

I started CrossFit roughly a year and a half ago after watching the 2010 CrossFit Games. I was under the impression I could start training for a new sport and it would make me $25,000 within the next year or two. Great deal, huh? Yes, it would have been, but unfortunately my ego deceived me.

I walked into CrossFit Nasti/Cincinnati Strength and Conditioning and introduced myself to the owner, Stephen Flamm. I told Flamm I was interested in competing in CrossFit. I told him my goals were to go to the Games that year and win them the following year. I can imagine it was hard to hear my answers over the sound of my ego.

I went through the third foundations class with a friend and did not learn anything. My capacity to learn was turned off because I already knew everything there was to know.

At this point, Flamm told Osborn and I that he had a special workout for us.

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9 Comments on “Strength From Struggle”


wrote …

This is a really great article written by an amazing CrossFitter. Keep it up Brad!!


wrote …

Awesome Article!!!


wrote …

As for the after workout description on page 3, I almost went that route in my first Box partner workout. Thanks for the reminder of that awful feeling.


wrote …

this was a magnificent article. thank you.


wrote …

Reading this article was exactly what I needed this week, and ultimately this summer. Thanks


Ryan Berlin wrote …

Love it. Great article. Thanks.


wrote …

Just showed this article to a friend of mine. Allegedly now looking for the closest box. Happy days.


wrote …

Awesome article!


wrote …

Nicely written Sgt. Brad. Thank you for sharing this with all of us

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