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CrossFit Striking: Power-Development Drills by George Ryan - CrossFit Journal

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July 20, 2012

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To develop power, CrossFit Striking’s George Ryan favors two pieces of equipment: resistance bands and the D-Ball.

“The resistance band is not going to develop the power, but what it is going to do, it’s going to help promote proper biomechanics in striking,” he explains.

With the band wrapped around a pole or column at shoulder height and a loop held in the hand, trainees learn how to move their entire bodies and find the proper path of their striking arm.

Next is the D-Ball throw. Pro MMA fighter Neal Abrams demonstrates the drill by firing the ball along a horizontal plane against a wall. Ryan catches it and puts it right back into Abrams’ striking hand for the next rep.

If you still haven’t had enough striking, there’s the ground-and-pound with a heavy bag assuming the role of an opponent. Athletes throw straights, hooks, elbows and knees.

“It’s a great, great finishing drill,” Ryan says. “It really challenges the metabolic system.”

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Additional reading: Got Striking? by George Ryan, published Dec. 29, 2010.

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9 Comments on “CrossFit Striking: Power-Development Drills”


wrote …

Always excited to see a new CF Striking video from George. As someone who trains alone much of the time, I really appreciate ideas for striking workouts you can do by yourself, such as the resistance band and G&P drill in this video. George always does such a great job explaining what he wants you to do, and he always emphasizes the fundamentals. Great stuff, and please keep the videos coming!


wrote …

At the Crossfir Striking cert. George teaches these drills and many more. I love the "ground and pound" drill. Great job George and Neal, keep the videos coming, please.


wrote …

Hey Bill!
Many Thanks for your kind words. We'll be sure to keep the videos coming.

Hello Eric! As always, thank you for the nice post and your support.


wrote …

Another great video George! We're already using the plyo ball and bands in our warm-ups, but I'll be adding the Ground & Pound to our classes & Finishers. I like that two person variation of the plyo ball (Dball)workout. Keep them coming.


wrote …

Thank You, John!
Keep up the great work with your classes.
Be Safe and Godspeed!


wrote …

awesome video thanks


replied to comment from Alex Cohn

Thank You Alex!


wrote …

My husband and I love and practice in CF, but my husband can't stand how CF is now offering combatives and self-defense. He feels that if anyone wants to learn how to defend themselves or practice combatives, they should go to an SME (subject matter expert) and not someone who goes to a two-day certification course. Personally, I don't really care; but I can see my husband's point even though he's biased (been training in martial arts for over 20 years and is a law enforcement officer).


replied to comment from Angeline Cadang

Hi Angeline,

CrossFit Striking adds striking to workouts to increase fitness and add variety to workouts. George Ryan says during his CF Striking cert. that "If your goal is to be a fighter, go to a fight gym". With that said, many professional fighters have come through the course with an open mind to expand and improve their knowledge base. Also, complete striking novices have gone through the course and benefited from starting striking with a great foundational education, to move forward by both correctly learning and practicing striking. In short, participants learn to lead a striking workout both safely and with an emphasis on great technique, that leads to a fun and challenging workout for all athletes. Can CrossFit Striking be used to start or improve self-defense and awareness? Yes. George Ryan also teaches law enforcement and military personal from throughout the country. Hope this explanation helps.

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