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Three Aussie Trainers by Doug Armstrong, Brett Fforde and Drummond Williamson - CrossFit Journal

Three Aussie Trainers

By Doug Armstrong, Brett Fforde and Drummond Williamson

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July 16, 2012

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Meet Doug Armstrong, Brett Fforde and Drummond Williamson: three of CrossFit’s Australian Seminar Staff trainers. In this clip, they’re at CrossFit Brisbane for a Level 1 Seminar with 53 participants.

“(Our) aim every weekend is to hopefully have people leave half as passionate as we are about CrossFit,” Fforde says.

Regardless of whether you’re a fanatic or it’s your first foray into CrossFit, you will learn something, Armstrong says of the Level 1 course.

“That’s what’s really cool about it,” he says, “is that even though you might be experienced, even though you may have done, like, two years of CrossFit on your own, you are still gonna get a whole lot of stuff in this course.”

The three men say they want to recreate for attendees the experience they had when they took the Level 1 course.

“I think what I enjoyed the most about them is just to see these guys and how (they’re) truly amazing coaches, truly amazing athletes, but they’re just so approachable and so open,” Williamson says.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Weekend Edition 16 090606 by Dave Young, aired June 8, 2009.

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12 Comments on “Three Aussie Trainers”


Matthew Swift wrote …

awesome video! Well done guys!


wrote …

Nice one boys.
Dan Williams


wrote …

Hey great work guys my level 1 course with these guys at
crossfit revX in Sydney was amazing, Drummond is an absolute legend!


wrote …

Great video, glad to see Doug getting some exposure. He is a great guy and great coach, drop into Crossfit Rocks if you get a chance, absolutely great affiliate.


Jason Pelham wrote …

Nice work team and who could forget the Matt Swift the Godfather!


wrote …

good work Dougie and the rest... proud of you all

helen CFB


kylie stabb wrote …

I did my CF course with these guys and theymade everything so simple to understand. Biggest part it was fun and they were passionate about it.


wrote …

These guys did my cert course last year, fantastic bunch who really know how to pass on their knowledge. Congrats guys.


wrote …

Thanks for inspiring me guys
Keep it up


wrote …

These guys are a great bunch of people. Loved doing my Level 1 with them! Hurry up a bring out the new Level 2 course so we can all catch up again... Thanks so much guys!


Philip Sherriff wrote …

Yep - loved doing my course with these guys in Brisbane. We had Danny, Douggie, Brett and Lily.

Cheers and thanks for getting me through the course! Best course ever!

Phil - Strand CrossFit Townsville.


wrote …

love to hear that others have constant epiphanies. constant learning is awesome

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