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The Gymnastics Tool Bag of Warm-Ups: Part 1 by Various - CrossFit Journal
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CrossFit Gymnastics seminar trainers Jessica Gray, Julie Barnes Maurer, Jeff Tucker and Keith Wittenstein explain the many warm-up movements part and parcel to gymnastics.

It starts with walking on the toes, then goes on to walking on the toes with arms overhead, followed by walking on the heels, and then walking on the heels with arms overhead.

After that, scrape your heels forward, do a walk with an alternating calf raise, then an alternating walking quad stretch.

For fun, do the so-called “stripper pose.” With feet more than shoulder-width apart, legs straight and back flat, bend at the waist.

Moving from the red-light district to the animal kingdom, the athletes go through the bear walk and crab walk to get loosened up for the rest of the seminar.

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Additional reading: The Gymnastics Solution by Thomas (Dusty) Hyland with Jeff Tucker, published May 4, 2011.

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4 Comments on “The Gymnastics Tool Bag of Warm-Ups: Part 1”


wrote …

LOL might have difficulties doing this in a globo with male clients ;0)


wrote …

As usual, Tucker and the Gang have the best music to go with the stuff, (should be a requirement), as well as the only-natural attachment of the motion to strippers and pole dancers. I would suggest the arrival of beer and $5 bills about half-way through. Nothing like that Texas approach!!


wrote …

nice job CF Media! really proud of the team I have assembled here for CFG! go get em coaches!


wrote …

Why does the article displayed in several letters,someone help?

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