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The Gymnastics Tool Bag of Warm-Ups: Part 2 by Various - CrossFit Journal
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CrossFit Gymnastics trainers Jeff Tucker, Jessica Gray, Julie Barnes Maurer and Keith Wittenstein explain the many warm-up movements part and parcel to gymnastics.

In Part 2, coordination is also tested with arm circles in opposite directions, followed by one-leg balances. For the balances, athletes are asked to close their eyes to work on proprioception.

“Our senses are super important in trying to do different things for our coordination … . It makes us better when we have more of our faculties about us,” Barnes Maurer says.

Then there are duck walks, Spiderman stretches, high knees, butt kicks and standing long jumps.

Gymnastics is all about controlling your body in space, and warm-up is the perfect time to develop your abilities while loosening up for a workout.

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Additional reading: Bearing the Standards by Jeff Tucker and Dusty Hyland, published Nov. 9, 2011.

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nice job CF media. nice job crossfit gymnastic coaches!

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