A CrossFit Boar Hunt

By Mark Grupe and Paul Southern

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August 02, 2012

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Join CrossFit Pleasanton owner Paul Southern and his guide on a boar hunt through the California hills.

“I think there’s nothing healthier than getting out into the country with my family and exercising and getting the healthiest food that I can,” Southern says.

With the help of Mark Grupe, Southern tracks two wild boars. He misses a shot on one over 200 lb. but perfectly places his bullet on an 80-lb. boar.

Hunting is a lot like CrossFit, Southern notes.

“With CrossFit, you have the mental and the physical,” he explains. “And you definitely have that with hunting.”

The activity requires stamina and smarts, Southern says.

“Hunting is sport. It’s about using accuracy and fitness, and being able to run up to the top of the hill after your prey and steady your nerves and get off a good shot,” he says. “This is the culmination of all the things we do in the gym, which is preparation for life—and then this is life.”

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5 Comments on “A CrossFit Boar Hunt ”


wrote …

Crossfit hunting series, I love it. Give me more


wrote …

This is awesome! As a hunter myself I greatly appreciate this video and would love to see more like this. Nothing more pure, natural, paleo and sustainable than harvesting wild game and providing for your family, friends and yourself. It's perfection.


wrote …

Love it! Nothing better than wild game meat and spending time in the outdoors.


wrote …

Damn giving me hunting fever! Puts a smile on my face.


Brett Poulos wrote …

Only a few more months until hunting season.. Can't wait! Great video!

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