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August 25, 2012

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Rick Crocker was a Marine and an officer with the Santa Monica Police Department. He served on its Crime Impact Team, led the Police Activities League and was on the SWAT team. He died seven years ago in Iraq.

To honor him, the police department began hosting a workout in 2011 to remember him by:

4 rounds of:
20 hand-release burpees
400-meter run
30 sit-ups
5 rope ascents

The event draws not only law-enforcement officers, but also members of the local fire department and command staff, as well as members of the area CrossFit community.

“This workout is hard. It’s not meant to be easy,” Timothy Jackman, the department’s chief of police, tells participants.

He adds that the workout is “in honor of the person that left us and the effort they put forth in our behalf somewhere that wasn’t so nice. So if you get a little tired today, just remind yourself why you’re here, what you’re doing it for.”

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