A Very Good Life

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August 04, 2012

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In December, a family of CrossFitters decided it wasn’t enough to just eat healthy. They wanted to know from where their food came.

So on five acres in the tiny city of Sonora, Calif., Michele and Sam Guthrie started a farm with chickens, pigs and gardens galore. Michele Guthrie’s mother lives there, too, and the couple’s daughter and her husband live down the street. The five of them CrossFit together.

“I don’t think that we could do it separately,” Guthrie says. “It’s something that you really need to do together as a family.”

After Guthrie lost her father in May, she encouraged her mother, Sylvia Weinmeister, to come to CrossFit Sonora, too.

“It seemed like something fun to do,” Weinmeister says. “I just love it.”

Guthrie says she marvels at how her life has turned out.

“I never would have imagined five or 10 years ago that I’d be here today, that I’d be this healthy, this active, living a self-sustaining life in such close proximity to all of my family,” she says.

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10 Comments on “A Very Good Life”


wrote …

Amazing. Have you guys icorporated any Permaculture into your design?


wrote …

This is so great. Thanks!!


wrote …

Your family is an inspiration to me. I thank god that I am honored to know each of you.


wrote …

Great job Guthries and CrossFit Sonora! It's an incredible journey!!!


Keith Wittenstein wrote …

Inspired! I would love to have what you have. Continued success.


wrote …


Thank you for sharing.

Best regards


wrote …

This is motivating, yet so simple. Thank you for sharing!


wrote …

This is really inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Self-sustaining family farm is def on the 7-10 year plan for my wife and I :)


wrote …

awesome video!! great story.....thanks for putting it out there and thanks to the guthrie's for sharing.....amazing transformation of this family!!

yea crossfit sonora!!


wrote …

Great vid! Superb life they have setup there!

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