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Be Your Own Bodyguard Part 5: Nonviolent Posture by Tony Blauer - CrossFit Journal

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August 06, 2012

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In this series, get a sneak peak at Tony Blauer’s Be Your Own Bodyguard seminar hosted by San Francisco CrossFit. Blauer, founder of Blauer Tactical Systems, provides seminars to CrossFitters to teach the basics of self-defense and how to implement them through CrossFit.

In Part 5, Blauer talks about nonviolent posture.

“Body language is 60 percent of communication,” he starts. “Words don’t mean shit … it’s the body language and the tone. The words are the least significant part here.”

Blauer demonstrates various postures and asks the group whether they are fighting stances. The answer: yes.

“Everything is a fighting stance as long as you’ve thought about, ‘Hey, if I got jumped right now, how would I move?’”

Arms can be overlapping or you can even lean against a wall James Dean style—as long as you can defend yourself, Blauer says.

“You gotta have transition points to keep your muscle fibers twitchin’ and keep moving.”

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