CrossFit for Better Singing

By Jason Olcese

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August 17, 2012

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As the lead singer of a band that performs for three hours three nights a week, Jason Olcese gets a workout. Before joining My Hero Zero, he used to do shows sitting on a stool.

“I quickly realized what (an) actually athletic event putting on a show is,” Olcese says. “It’s cool because being here at CrossFit prepares me to do these shows.”

While on stage, he says, he thinks about keeping his weight on his heels and evenly distributing his weight—concepts he learned at CrossFit Nittany in State College, Pa.

Plus, CrossFit has helped his singing by allow him to better support the notes, Olcese says.

“When you’re doing any kind of exercise, when you get tired is when you start to lose good form, right?” he explains. “Being in better shape, I don’t find myself tired and losing focus on stage.”

Olcese adds: “It’s helped me injure myself less.”

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wrote …

Great video. Glad to see some positive coverage of Penn State and Thon. Many people don't know that for years Penn State has raised millions of dollars for kids with cancer. Plus good to see how crossfit has affected all types of professions, including singers. Keep it up Jason.

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