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The Founder's Presentation: New Ideas by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

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August 31, 2012

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“I shoot down ‘good ideas’ for a living.”

CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman is constantly bombarded with new ideas for how the company should be run. They’re all similar, and not one of them has appealed to Coach Glassman. CrossFit seems to be doing just fine without outside “help.”

The company is debt-free and doesn’t need money, which is a concept foreign to most would-be investors.

Still, Anthos Capital wants to buy half of CrossFit Inc. for $20 million.

“No one spends $20 million for fun. These are money guys. … They’ve got to get rid of me. I stand between them and the affiliates,” Coach Glassman explains.

If the CrossFit business model doesn’t make sense to outsiders, that’s fine with Coach Glassman. He knows the model works, and he doesn’t care what it looks like to MBAs.

“It’s hard to believe that’s all we want … just to make the world a better place.”

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Additional reading: Professional Training by Greg Glassman, published Jan. 1, 2006.

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10 Comments on “The Founder's Presentation: New Ideas”


wrote …

Live a life that is more than money.


wrote …

It's a shame that a so called founder of this movement wants to sell out the community like this. Im in software technology and my 3 direct experiences with Equity partners buying into businesses have been nightmarish. Good Luck Coach. Keep up the fight. It's worth it as you cleary know.

PS: Getting my Level 1 cert this weekend in Brooklyn. Hopefully one of these days I can buy you a beer and thank you for fixing my knees! :-)


wrote …

This is why I love this guy!!!!!! As an affiliate owner, it is comforting to know that Coach is like our "father", he is always looking out for us, the community and what Crossfit stands for. I don't think there is any other person that I would want run this company. THANKS COACH!!!!!! Hopefully one day I will get an opportunity to pay you back for everything you have done.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Coach - ha ha, good stuff :)

5 years ago I got my L1 Cert in Quantico, you were there, bought me a beer the
night before the cert started.

Jeff Martone, you and I were watching UFC

T Bud was interviewing us AND teaching O Lifts

5 years goes fast, that was a GREAT weekend

Keep kicking ass, your attitude is really keeping many others up and strong.

No worries on my end, ANY-thing you need, gimme a shout



wrote …

So, What happens if a Private Equity Firm buy's out Coach Glassman.
And they want to do this and this and this and add a little of that?

Well... What if the community of CrossFit just don't do add
this and this and this and add a little of that and keeps
the original formulas written on that white board
and just keeps on trucking along business as usual?

I will tell you what then. Private Equity Firm made a poor investment
chucks a loss in the sum of millions trying to buy this shit. And for
the foundation of CrossFit? well... how should I say. Business as usual

Am I wrong? or is that's whats going to effing happen?
(yes this is a question, and I am ignorant, this is what would happen right?)


wrote …

Well, there go my golf clubs in the trash. Great job on your debt free success Mr. Glassman.


wrote …

I get a kick out of watching Glassman. We are all lucky to be able to learn form such a smart man. The message is that he wont sell out. There is nothing to sell "live a life that is more than money" . Every interview with him I learn allot. Keep them coming HQ!! You could stick a camera in his face for 5 min a day and we would all benefit!


wrote …

Coach may want to start doing some wods, because now more than ever, his health and well being is critical for all of us.


wrote …

I am glad to hear him keep crossfit to what crossfit is. my only question is if crossfit doesn't need money why raise the affiliation fee? it was$1,000, but now it is$3,000 a year... why if no money is needed why not keep it at the lowest cost for people to make the affiliation. if crossfit was out of debt you would think they would make a deal where it become$500 dollars to own the crossfit name for a year. Or something like that.


wrote …

@richard bartlett
Watch Greg Glassman speak at the freedom foundation or at the Virginia-based State Policy Network.
There you will find your answer.

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