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August 19, 2012

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CrossFit has always had a strong connection to the military and law-enforcement communities, and wounded warriors occupy a special place of honor in the CrossFit world.

Around the world, and in the United States in particular, affiliates work with wounded warriors to help them overcome their injuries, get fitter and improve their quality of life. Up to now, most of those efforts have been independent, but the website Real World Six aims to change that and unite the affiliate community.

At a recent outdoor workout, David “Chef” Wallach of CrossFit Rubicon shared details on the Real World Six project.

“There will be a database and a repository of information where everyone from around the world who’s dealing with adaptive athletes can come and say, ‘Well, how did they do Fran?’ or, ‘How do we adapt The Seven for someone with an above-the-knee left-leg amputation?’” Wallach explained.

With more resources available to trainers, more and more wounded warriors will be soon be able to reap the benefits of CrossFit training scaled to their unique needs.

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Additional reading: CrossFit Walter Reed by Dillon Behr and Brian Wilson, published July 25, 2012.

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5 Comments on “Adaptive Assets ”


wrote …

This is just *great* work! So happy to see this in the Journal!


wrote …

Giving back to these Men and Women who have sacrificed so much is simply amazing. The fact that these Hero's can overcome these hurdles and now push to get or stay in shape is a testament to the character of those whom chose to serve. Great job and yet another way CF is changing the world. CF Rubicon keep it up!


David Chef Wallach wrote …

We work FOR these guys. There are no stronger men upon this earth than those that reach out to help another and these heroes define that strength. They are the first to offer help, the first in line to lend their time, their hard work and dedication.

I could easily work the rest of my life doing what I can for them and never come close to returning what they have already given me and my family. I am grateful for every day I get the chance to share space with these guys. They're friends that have raise the bar in our lives and no better friend could you ask for.


wrote …

I love this this story! It is so inspirational.


As a former attendant/caregiver who worked with acquired, organic & progressive states of disability, and a Cross Fit member - I am so pleased to see programs like this in place! Absolutely a gift to community & industry!

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