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August 18, 2012

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Among athletes, there are common errors when it comes to the Olympic lifts, says Caleb Williams, head coach at CrossFit Gwinnett in Buford, Ga.

As a 69-kg lifter, Williams placed second at the 2008 Olympic trials for weightlifting. He was also a member of the U.S. world team and of the U.S. Pan American team.

In this video, Williams works with CrossFit Johns Creek’s Dan Sturm and shows that rushing can lead to the hips shooting up too quickly and the bar moving too far from the body. Williams’ advice: take the lift back to the beginning, break down the technique from the start position, and do lower reps.

The other common error, he says, is the hips being too far back when catching the snatch and the clean.

“So that initial hip set-up and then turnin’ over and gettin’ those hips in the right position are two of the biggest things we run into,” Williams says.

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5 Comments on “Common Errors in the Olympic Lifts”


wrote …

Great advice. Thanks for getting outside the CrossFit realm and seeking an expert's opinion and experience.


wrote …

Good job Caleb, it is the attention to detail that makes a huge difference in tehcnical lifts. This is going to help my training.


wrote …

Little mis-spell, I think that is technical instead of tehcnical. That will teach me to preview next time.


wrote …

Spot on, would love to work with this dude sometime!


wrote …

Back to the basics - focus on quality/technique - crush the competition. Thanks Caleb, this one is a keeper!

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