Box Tour: CrossFit Sonora

By Shannon Hildebrand and Nic Peterson

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August 29, 2012

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In the tiny city of Sonora, Calif.—with a population of less than 5,000—a CrossFit box is thriving.

Originally started in a friend’s garage, CrossFit Sonora is nearing 100 members.

“We were just looking to serve a small population of people who were really into fitness and really wanted to perfect the athleticism that they already had,” co-owner Shannon Hildebrand says of the three-year-old affiliate.

Hildebrand and fellow co-owner Nic Peterson are both first responders. Hildebrand was introduced to CrossFit by a co-worker, while Peterson stumbled upon it on the Internet.

“I’ve always been intrigued with … the human body and the way it moves,” Peterson explains. “CrossFit has really … (furthered) my own knowledge of how everything works and how everything’s connected.”

Both say they are hoping to create a healthier community.

The best part of owning a CrossFit gym, Peterson adds, is “helping people achieve things they’ve never achieved before.”

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3 Comments on “Box Tour: CrossFit Sonora ”


wrote …

so proud to be a member of Crossfit has literally changed my life and the way I approach everyday life! Everyday that I go to the gym I get very excited for the encouragement and atmosphere that makes Crossfit so great...if you just get yourself to the gym...the atmosphere will take care of the rest. Thank you shan and nic and the rest of the trainers at CFS for changing how I feel about working out...I can only improve from here!


wrote …

What a rad box! Reminds me of home a little. ;) Great share, HQ.


wrote …

Great work! My girlfriend and I are moving to a small town of 25 000 inhabitants, we're planning to establish the first affiliate out there but affraid to have not enough members. Now that I see what you've done with a 5 000 inhabitants town, everything is possible. It's encouraging!

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