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August 13, 2012

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The CrossFit Kids Gauntlet at the Games proved that having fun with fitness is a very good thing for North American youth. Emily Beers reports.

On more than one occasion, British comedian Ricky Gervais has joked about overweight people and the so-called “obesity epidemic.” Politically incorrect and blatantly offensive, Gervais purposely provokes.

“Leprosy is a disease. Obesity is not … . What’s the disease? Everything tastes good?”

Whether Gervais’ humor makes you nod and laugh or whether it stings and offends, he gets you thinking about a politically incorrect subject: the concept of obesity as a disease.

Then as soon as you turn to the world and see hundreds upon thousands of overweight children waddling around—especially in North America—it’s suddenly hard not to consider fatness some sort of epidemic.

However, in July at the Home Depot Center, a group of teenagers helped prove to the world that the disease is beatable, preventable even. These teens are part of the first generation of CrossFit Kids to graduate into the world.

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