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August 08, 2012

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There aren’t many CrossFit affiliates with a bar inside. Friendship CrossFit is one of them.

After 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.3, the Dublin, Ohio, box hosted an event that ended with margaritas made by owner Jeff Binek’s dad.

The space is a far cry from Friendship CrossFit’s original space, which was 850 square feet. The new gym is 10,000 square feet and also includes a kitchen, a pool table, a shower, a massage room and a lounge.

“It used to be an art studio, so when we first walked in there was like a fake house and they were shootin’ commercials, and there was all this make-up and fake hair everywhere,” Binek says.

Friendship CrossFit hosts yoga twice a week—afterward, members remain gathered around the bar—as well as cleaning parties. Plus, there are themed family-style dinners once a month. The affiliate also dedicates a wall to pictures of the three dozen or so members who have been around since the beginning.

“This is kind of our tribute to them,” Binek says.

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5 Comments on “Box Tour: Friendship CrossFit”


wrote …

Nice Box!


wrote …

Jeff, it looks like you're doing everything right. Watching this video makes me want to be a part of your box. Kudos, keep it up.


wrote …

Great box and great people. Jeff has made even more improvements since this video. Working hard, having fun, and making memories.


wrote …

Love the picture of you at the Tomb. I also like how you tied it in to trying to attain perfection. I believe anyone can get there with work and mastery of the basics. Keep up the solid work.


wrote …

Love this place, such a great community, wish they would do a follow up a lot has changed since this video, while it talks a lot about the unique aspects (bar/parties) of the box, which goes a long way to creating the awesome community, I think it misses on some of the other great things going on like the programing, elite athletes, top notch coaching, support staff and events, the separate oly room/space for on ramp classes, outside space, and really just the people involved with friendship from coaches to the members that's what really makes this box great. Great video, missing the fundamentals of what friendship is really about though IMO, more than just a party, lots of hard work and people getting better.

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