Future Unknown

By Andréa Maria Cecil

In Athletes, CrossFit Games

August 17, 2012

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Chris Spealler has yet to decide if he will try to qualify for next year’s CrossFit Games. Time, he said, is what’s holding him back. His wife, meanwhile, wants him to compete again. Andréa Maria Cecil reports.

About a week after the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games ended, Sarah Spealler texted her husband’s coach, Ben Bergeron.

“Let's make a machine! I'll feed him you train him! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Bergeron, co-owner and head coach at CrossFit New England, replied 15 minutes later: “This is one of the best text(s) I have ever received. We'll tag team him and he won't even know what happened.”

Sarah’s husband, the iconic Chris Spealler, had said 2012 would be his last CrossFit Games.

But when the couple left California to go home to Utah, Sarah didn’t much like the idea.

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11 Comments on “Future Unknown”


wrote …

I hope he decides to go again.


wrote …

Spealler scares the big people, empowers the little people, inspires all the people.


wrote …


I'd love if he were to train at CFNE. He inspires me. As well as all the game athletes. This was my first experiences watching games, and almost my first year with crossfit as a whole, and even before the games I knew how he inspired a community.

I do understand him wanting to just be with his family, and even though I am only 19, I've learned something about crossfit.

Crossfit itself is One giant community from one box to the next. We're all one family. Competitors, to recreational crossfitters. We all share one desire, and one goal: To be as fit as possible.

I respect him with whatever he decides to do.


wrote …

Do it.


wrote …

It's a lot of talk about his wife and his coach wanting him to do it.
I hope he wants to do it. Man's got the heart of a thoroughbred and the
engine of a lamborghini. It would be sad to not have him at the games
but if he wants to focus more on being with his family that is just as
much of a thing to celebrate as him competing in the 2013 crossfit games.


wrote …

The article mentioned that Speal has a new blog. Anyone have a link?


replied to comment from John O'Brien


The link to Spealler's new blog is http://chrisspealler.com/.


wrote …

Chris Spealler- you have already earned our respect and support! An Amazing Athlete, Sincere person with the kind of integrity, intensity and passion we all look up to!
Met Spealler in 2009 and was astounded by his humility and how much even as such a little guy he was capable of. I will keep holding thumbs he gets a win anyway for what it would mean for himself.
That saying "always be yourself unless you can be Batman- always be Batman" Think the same could be applied for Spealler! He is the Batman of Crossfit!
Always be yourself- unless you can be Spealler- then always be Spealler :)


wrote …

Thank you, Andrea!


Cole Rashmi wrote …

Chris Spealler generously donated him time in a herculean three day trip to India to inspire and coach the children of Crossfit Sri Ram Ashram. It was an amazing three days and his inspirations live on today as our Crossfit program continues to grow. Crossfit Sri Ram Ashram can never thank you enough for the lesson of perseverance you taught the children. You redefined the meaning of fitness for smaller people and showed what can be done. Hope you compete next year but mainly know how much you are appreciated for what you have given the Crossfit community.


wrote …

I hope he goes around again. At 33 he's nearing the end of his illustrious Crossfit career but I get what his wife says when she talks about unfinished business. Be wonderful to see a podium finish or better from Speal before he retires.

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