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August 23, 2012

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For most people, CrossFit is more than trying to look good in a bathing suit. Doug Germano explains.

I was telling my girlfriend why I couldn’t spend too much time with a certain group of people because they were too superficial. She looked back at me with a befuddled look on her face and said, “But all you do is CrossFit! That’s superficial. You just do it to get big and build up your body.”

I do love to lift big weights, and I’ve been gaining weight for a while now, but still, I was baffled. I couldn't even respond. I just spat out some flustered words and came off as an asshole.

To claim that my relationship with CrossFit is superficial blew my mind. I realized that even though my girlfriend is supportive of me and my passion for CrossFit, she doesn’t really understand why I do it. She has come to the gym for a WOD, she’s very supportive of the way I eat, and she’s never complained once about all the early mornings I’ve woken her up to head out to the gym. She’s even come out and watched me compete and has cooked me some delicious Paleo food.

Despite all this, I’ve never really delved into the reasons why I love CrossFit.

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13 Comments on “Is CrossFit Superficial or Spiritual? ”


wrote …

Wow, very well said. I have been thinking about this lately and you nailed it. Nicely done!!


wrote …

Damn! I want workout after reading that!


wrote …

Damn! I want to workout after reading that!


wrote …

I couldn't have said it better, thank you!


wrote …

Beautiful. A perfect description of why we do what we do.


wrote …

Very nice. Inspiring!


wrote …

Great article, very inspiring. My only complaint is using a picture like the first one. I know it's somebody pushing hard but it just shows awful snatch form. Body all out of position and arms bent ready to try and press out the weight. There's so much talk out there about crossfitters disregarding good form in the pursuit of a faster time that I'm hyper sensitive to it now.


replied to comment from Aaron Smykowski

I agree.
I haven't even read the article yet I was too distracted by the picture and it's kind of put me off reading it.


wrote …

Finally, an article that truly states how most CrossFitters feel. Sometimes its difficult to explain to people why we do this sport, especially to the 'big box' believers or the co-workers that wonder why all you ever talk about is how hard the day's WOD was. Some people will never understand, this article is dead on.


wrote …

I just can say....ur gf is ex complained every about crossfit...why I spend money in that? some people DONT UNDERSTAND what means being a CROSSFITTER..


wrote …

WORD UP Brother!


replied to comment from James Anderson

People that I work with think I am weird when I talk about Crossfit. They don't understand the need to push your body beyond conceived limits. That is what gets me out of bed every morning. To keep going into the unknown territory. Great Article, makes me smile thinking of all the other people out there who share this passion.


wrote …

Great article!

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