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Muscle-Ups at 10,000 Feet by Neil Amonson - CrossFit Journal

Muscle-Ups at 10,000 Feet

By Neil Amonson

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August 13, 2012

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Some say CrossFit is extreme. For professional stuntman Neil Amonson, it’s a similar adrenaline rush to base jumping.

“I have to do physical things to be able to go home and pay my bills and write emails and make phone calls and do everything else that’s just part of life,” he explains. “I’ve got to do these other things to stay sane. And CrossFit’s kind of my way when I can’t.”

Many know Amonson as the man doing muscle-ups beneath a hot-air balloon thousands of feet in the air. The video of his stunt aired at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Amonson says he didn’t enjoy his entire first year of base jumping.

“It wasn’t fun. I don’t even know why I kept doing it,” he says. “I think I kept doing it because of the intensity, because I couldn’t get the intensity anywhere else.”

He jokes that it’s self-medication.

“For me it’s like the reset button,” Amonson adds. “I have a couple of different things I can do. Base jumping is one of them, but CrossFit is another one.”

When he starts his day with a CrossFit workout, he says, “I know pretty much whatever happens in the rest of the day … it’s all good.”

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9 Comments on “Muscle-Ups at 10,000 Feet”


wrote …

Hey Neil, who do you know from Team FX? I see you had a shirt on at one point in the video.


wrote …

I too need the "fix". I agree with your whole outlook Neil. Thanks for the video.


wrote …

Awesome video!! Funny how I have been coaching for 3 years and I still get to learn things from listening to him describe CrossFit. Awesome...

- Cody


wrote …

Very cool what a great out look on CrossFit and life! Thx


wrote …

Neil is a great guy! Also a former AF CCT. I had the pleasure of meeting him a year and a half ago, simply an amazing dude. This is a great vid!


wrote …

Great video Neil, thanks. Did anyone notice around 7 minutes into video, when Neil was saying that jumping scared the shit out of him; the dog was pinching one himself. Ha. Very good timing on the dogs part.


wrote …

Awesome Neil! I totally agree with crossfit being a good sub when you get get your extreme sports fix!

Anyone Know the song name starting at 12:09?


replied to comment from Fred Abbatantuono

Ha! Stopped watching to come comment on that. The dog did it on cue.


wrote …

I love this video. As someone who talks about CrossFit for a living, I must say I'm impressed with the way Neil describes his outlook on life and relates it to CF. Awesome stuff. I've also had the pleasure of meeting him and watching him endure a very grueling workout. He is a class act and one hell of an athlete. We are lucky to have him in the community.

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