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Behind the Scenes at Pendleton by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

Behind the Scenes at Pendleton

By Sevan Matossian

In Athletes, CrossFit Games, HD Videos

August 12, 2012

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Get an insider’s glimpse into the first day of competition at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games. The surprise swim-bike-run event at Camp Pendleton shocked competitors on Monday of Games week when they learned the competition would start on Wednesday instead of Friday.

In this behind-the-scenes look at the first events of the sixth edition of the Games, CrossFit filmographer Sevan Matossian interviews athletes and CrossFit staff. Learn more about how Games director Dave Castro wouldn’t let Deborah Cordner Carson back out of the swim because of her fear of open water—which eliminated her on the first day of last year’s Games.

“Give it a chance. Try it. Give it a shot,” Castro says to Cordner Carson as she fights back tears. “It’ll be fine. Just get through it. It’s not a big race. Just chill. You have the capacity to do the swim, no problem.”

Competitors also share their thoughts as they finish the event that included an ocean swim, a single-speed bike ride and a grueling hike through the wilds of Camp Pendleton.

“That sucked,” Rich Froning Jr. says as he walks into the food tent.

He adds: “It was kinda fun, though.”

After the obstacle-course event that concluded the trials at Pendleton, 2010 CrossFit Games winner Kristan Clever says the first day already is more intense than any previous iterations of the Games.

“This could be the Games—this first day. There was a lot of stuff, there was a lot of moving,” she says. “This is way more, way more than we’ve ever been asked to do.”

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 236 by Justin Judkins, published Aug. 8, 2012.

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14 Comments on “Behind the Scenes at Pendleton”


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

I'm not quite sure who to thank...
... Sevan for the video and functional interrogations,
... Dave for the sneak peak under the hood,
... Nicole for displaying her ever-elegant presence on camera more lately,
... or the CrossFit Games athletes for being such good sports.

Either way, thank you!


wrote …

Thanks, Sevan. Glad you're documenting the Behind the Scenes again at the Games.

I love the dimension your videos add. Keep them coming, please.


wrote …

Sevan rules.


wrote …

Awesome. I've been waiting for this series since the day the games ended. Great video


wrote …

This is sooooo good. Official footage is one side of the story, but the behind the scenes look, "moderated" by Sevan is so much more revealing. Brings the games, athletes and organizers into different perspective, which is much more personal, than just watching athletes grind through workouts. Oh, and I believe Dave, when he says, that one day he is going to break Sevan's camera. Great work everybody!!


wrote …

Very cool stuff!


wrote …

Sevan, You do a great job as a video reporter for CrossFit! I see the frustration towards you from Dave and others, stay relentless. Dave you should embrace the camera man. He asks the "real" questions and it puts a great spin on the inside of the games. Hats off to everyone behind the scenes, the "To Do" list must be endless. Grats to Dave for a new "PR" for how long you can stand to be around Sevan!


wrote …

Love the Videos by Severance!!!!:) it True...? LOL!


Johnny Di Gregorio wrote …

"That's a non-verbal cue."

Best quote of the clip!


Chris Cavallerano wrote …

If it isn't realized yet within the CF community we are truly fortunate to have an auteur like Sevan Matossian and his partner in cinema magic Hayley Parlen. What they bring to the CF Journal and larger community is on par, if not better then, documentarian pioneers such as the NFL's Steve Sabol or the Olympics' Bud Greenspan.

Today we can enjoy these moments that capture the spirit of CrossFit and the various personalities and contributors while tomorrow we will be able to look back at this rich and incredible history.

My deepest regards and respect.

And as I was told from an informed and veteran CrossFitter... in the words of Nicole Carroll "Take lots of pictures and write often".

Great advice. :-)


replied to comment from Chris Cavallerano

Hear hear!


wrote …

I think listening to Sevan annoy people is my favorite part of any video! It's like he's constantly putting Castro through his own weekend long mental WOD, hehe.


Ben O'Grady wrote …

Love this video. I'd pay money for a DVD of the entire series. I've been waiting for some high quality video footage of the Camp Pendleton racing.


wrote …

Love Sevan's vids, have been a huge fan over the years.
Keep it up Sevan!

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