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Survey Says … Sex! by Anka Radakovich - CrossFit Journal

Survey Says … Sex!

By Anka Radakovich

In Rest Day/Theory, Sports Applications

August 31, 2012

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Anka Radakovich canvasses the CrossFit community to find out about lifting, lusting and libidos.

Please note: This article contains adult discussions of sexuality.

In the name of sexual research, I have conducted the first CrossFit Sex Survey. Throbbing replies came from around the globe, and over 200 people participated, including those who identified themselves as straight, gay and bi, as well as one person who said, “I’m not sure.”

As part of the survey, I wanted to know how doing CrossFit has altered people’s sex lives.

Almost everyone reported that CrossFit made him or her better in bed. And both men and women said CrossFit has increased their sex drives. One guy said his “went through the roof.” One CrossFitting couple told me that right after a WOD is when they both feel most like doing it. One day they couldn’t wait and started doing it right in their car in the CrossFit parking lot.

Has CrossFit changed your sex life? Post replies to comments.

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23 Comments on “Survey Says … Sex!”


wrote …

As any of Ana Radakovich article.... just sad.

It's not the material, you won't find a prude here. It's just her writing style is geared towards 15yrs sneaking their dads porno while the parents are away. It's been the same style for the last 20 years, sad that she hasn't gotten any better.

Newsflash!! Men want to have ALLOT of sex with ALLOT of girls, one at a time, two at a time, three at a time, ALL at a time.



wrote …

After the overwhelmingly negative comments on the last article, why was she invited to write for the journal again? This was garbage.


Dustin Kreidler wrote …

I seriously don't understand the thinking behind which articles are "Free." The ones I want to share with non-journal subscribers, usually the ones about people overcoming their fears and finally trying CrossFit, are never free. "Fun" stuff like this... always free. I don't get it.


wrote …

This article is awesome I hope to see more from this Author.

This article, if you take NOTHING else away from it. At least take this away from it. CrossFit = Functional Fitness. This Author proves it. Sex = Functional Movements... Like they always say at the box... core to extremity :)

Coach Glassman said this before I think... "It's in our DNA" :)


wrote …

I am not sure what this has to do with Crossfit?
I used to read "Men's Health" and stopped my subscription due to this same indignant nonsense. I read these magazines/journals for innovative workouts and inspirational stories, not articles like this. I would suggest that if you want to stay true to your hard core grassroots Crossfit articles, that you leave these articles to "Playboy" and keep feeding the Crossfit community your cutting edge training information.


wrote …

As someone who holds the scientific approach that crossfit delivers essential to the promotion of a research based sport of fitness, I find this type of article falling short of what is required. Had this survey have been backed up with some scientific data using Measureable, Observable and Repeatable aspects to draw a more grown up conclusion, other than crossfit makes you have sex more, then you would have an article worthy of reading. I appreciate your efforts Anka, but perhaps you should be led by a more scientific mind when submitting articles to this community.


wrote …

Anka Radakovich is simply bringing sense of humor and insight to a subject that is, perhaps, the biggest Elephant in the Box. Freud croaked over 70 years ago (not a CrossFitter, for the record). After all this time, we still don't have a handle on much of this stuff. She's simply engaging in an honest, humorous exploration of a dimension in people that is raw, primitive, uncivilized. Part of what drives us to want to do the whole CrossFit thing to begin with is intimately tied to what drives us with regard to partners, activities, etc. The Box and the Bed are joined at more than the hip. They are making the beast with two backs and Anka just has a curiosity and a sense of humor about it all.


replied to comment from Nicholas Jackson

Awesome...nah! Trivial..that's as much print as it's getting from me.


replied to comment from Sean Murray

Why all the "Taboo" around this subject?
Comparing it to "Men's Health" and/or a
write off of some cheap smut? It's a article
within all the articles here. Trivial? only
if that's how you approach sex in your life
then fine maybe your own prerogative.

Simple as this. If you don't enjoy this sort
of occasional reading to mix up your typical
Science of data collection and measure fine.

So it is only respectful then to keep opposing
comments aside of your own personal belief's
and respect a fellow crossfitter for her talent
or maybe I should say talent's...

Don't like it, easy, Don't read it. But for us
people that find it fun to mix things up in our
endless reading here on the CrossFit Journal.
Don't spoil it over your own opinions or belief's

I basically read everything here on CFJ and I enjoy
nonsense articles once in a while. Maybe we should
get a cartoonist here and start printing a "Funny's"
section as well? break up the rhythm. you know...
make the CFJ constantly varied as well. I could enjoy
The Peanuts in between all the serious stuff... or
should we call it The Almonds instead? you know keepin
it Paleo and all...


wrote …

Is this the kind of smutty, adolescent material we want defining our community? For those who sadly do not understand, please ponder this:

The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. (1 Corinthians 2:14 NIV)


wrote …

I think this is great research. People say sex sells and if people understood how much better they can be across broad time and modal domains, including sex, then they would be fit with other added benefits.


replied to comment from Nicholas Jackson

This was a lackluster defense for this tripe.

"Don't like it, don't read it." argument a 4th grader would give

I pay money for access to this journal. I paid for a subscription for articles/videos to help me get faster, bigger, stronger... not dumber.

If there were some REAL research/insight into Sex and Crossfit then this would be OK to read. It's not the subject, we're all adults here, it's the 4th grade boy sneaking into the bathroom at school to see the nudie mag they took from their big brothers room way it was written that makes it absolute trash.

Again, it's not the subject... its Anka's atrocious writing style that is unbearable.


replied to comment from Brian Krygowski

C'mon man that is an uncalled for personal attack. She obviously has been successful and this is your opinion which you are totally entitled to have. But is it really necessary to attack the style of writing versus having a difference of opinion with the content?

I always viewed the CrossFit community as being very open and accepting for all. I am very disappointed in your comment. I can't remember seeing such an unnecessary, brazen personal attack on the journal in a long time.


wrote …

As always I find Anka's stuff fun to read. So much so that when I was approached about the project I gladly sponsored the survey on my gym's website. It was interesting how our membership and others in the Oahu community responded to it. Some ignored the survey, others gladly answered and enjoyed being able to talk freely and anonymously about sex, something most of us enjoy. I have seen so many changes in our athletes' body image and lifestyles that it seems like a natural progression to discuss sexuality. Anka chooses to use humor and some shock talk to describe people’s feelings. I enjoy it and am proud to have been associated with this article; yes I was quoted in it twice. I look forward to reading more of her content whether it is on the journal or on other mediums.


replied to comment from Brian Krygowski

Not only a personal attack on the Author but Myself as well. I am just going to leave this be. But I am going to say this.

Brian this is not the place to brazenly attack people. Also I find you insulting more inappropriate and "4th grade" than the content of this article that is clearly for 18 years +


wrote …

I'm just glad they made this free so I wouldn't have to bear with the fact that I had paid my subscription for this kind of trash.


wrote …

Pure garbage...once again I say "Shame on you Journal editors"!


wrote …

It is CrossFit's prerogative to do what they want with the Journal, but I too think this is inappropriate. I'm curious who is behind the posting. Who sits back, reviews the article, and says "Yes, this is what we want CrossFit to be about."


wrote …

Loved the article and loved doing the interview for you Anka. It was a lot of fun! Even though I don't remember most of it....


replied to comment from Lucien Campillo

Considering I never PERSONALLY attacked anyone, its a shame to get all worked up and beat your chest like your the defender of truth and freedom.

My DISAGREEMENT, obviously if I have a differing viewpoint it must be considered an ATTACK, was with the style of the article not the content.

It seems allot of people are really touchy when it comes to having an opinion that differs from theirs, after the obligatory, "you're free to your opinion..." but I'm going to attack you for having it.


wrote …

I read the article. I can say that some details could have been left out because they just do not belong in a fitness journal but the article does address one of the effects of CrossFit in the participants' lives. And sex plays a role in one's life. Sex does influence a person's mood throughout the day. For those who are married or in committed relationships, you understand my last sentence.

If CrossFit affects our bodies by making them stronger, healthier and more pleasant to look at and improves our sex drives, why exclude sex from the discussion? And it can be discussed as adults not horny teenagers....


wrote …

What a poorly written article. I have no issue with the content, but I understand why others would.

Please continue offering articles about sex, but in a more clinical manner.


wrote …

I actually have a somewhat serious question in regards to CrossFit and sex, and have no idea who to ask or where else to look. CrossFit has become a huge part of my life in the past 6 months, but that was while I was single. I recently re-engaged into a relationship, with someone I've dated before and now am being told by the party of the opposite sex that I've become so strong that I'm hurting the other person. (Never was a problem in the past.) I am kind of at a loss at what to think.
By the way, please no smart a$$ remarks or comments. I would like to hear advice, or to hear that maybe other women have also had this problem????

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