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September 20, 2012

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Holly Gera works as the athletic director of a large Division III university, but she never considered herself an athlete—until she found CrossFit.

I am an athletic director who was never an athlete. I have been happily employed at Montclair State University in New Jersey for the past 23 years, 16 of which I have worked as the athletic director. I’ve been active to a varying extent throughout my life, but I never really participated in a regular workout program. My casual activities worked pretty well for health and weight control until I hit my mid-40s, every woman’s dreaded decade.

I started to gain weight, and my three or four walks a week were no longer enough to feel healthy and in shape. I started riding my bicycle more regularly as a way to change up my routine and introduce a new and hopefully effective exercise. I was enjoying the addition of the bike to my routine and was hopeful for some good results until, while out for a ride, I hit some stones and I fell over the handlebars of my bike, breaking both my wrists.

Question: What do you do with two broken wrists?

Answer: Not very much for a very long while!

Another question: What do you do after that?

Answer: A universally scalable functional fitness program called CrossFit.



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wrote …

Holly is an incredible person. She inspires us everyday at Guerrilla Fitness. So proud of you. Your positive attitude is infectious and Im proud to call you my friend!


wrote …

Wonderful article.

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