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September 16, 2012

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At Vertical Turbine Specialists in Lubbock, Texas, they make turbine parts and happy employees.

The 50-year-old family-owned manufacturer provides chiropractic services, Zone meals and CrossFit to its workers—all free—and is rewarded with increased production, quality and attention spans, as well as decreased accidents.

Six months after the company created the Zone Room, a light bulb went on, says Cody Allen, vice president of operations, whose father started the company.

“My uncle, who is the safety manager, came to my dad and said, ‘Do you know since we started this we’ve had zero accidents?’ Zero accidents. In a manufacturing facility, when you’ve got safety hazards like we do, that’s unheard of,” Allen says.

The company began offering CrossFit in 2008.

“The functional movement is the biggest deal,” Allen says. “The guys that are out there, pushing, pulling, doing this and doing that, it’ll strengthen them in those areas so they’re not getting hurt.”

CrossFit, Allen says, is where employees saw the total impact.

“When we did that, it was phenomenal,” he says. “I mean it was absolutely phenomenal.”

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25 Comments on “CrossFit at Work”


wrote …

If I leave my job. I am going to ask this guy if I can work for him.
I believe this man has stumbled upon what being a leader really means.

*High Five* VTS


wrote …

Amazing! Could you imagine if more companies operated like this...


wrote …

Another amazing testimony.


wrote …

I'm in the Military and I wish our shop was like this. Well done


wrote …

Thats awesome stuff


wrote …

This is great stuff! Forward thinking in optima forma! Props for VTS


wrote …

There are no limits to wellness when functional movement, proper nutrition and care of nervous system are incorporated into a way of life. Kudos to VTS!


wrote …

Nice to see chiropractic portrayed as it was intended. As the restoration of proper neurologic communication for the optimization of function and performance on all levels. Chiropractic as a lifestyle with diet and functional movement makes a whole lot of sense. Great job VTS, great job!


Charles Charbeneau wrote …

Why isn't this a free video? :) This evidence would make my arguments to business owners in my community just a little easier. Also, does HQ have any intention to create case studies out of folks like VTS and Reebok HQ as tools for the affiliates?


replied to comment from Charles Charbeneau

HQ uploaded it to youtube. It's free as can be.


Awesome, must have missed it in the feed.


wrote …

Great video. Great story. A model for industry in the United States. Thank you people of!
Robert W. Parker, D.C.


wrote …

THAT is what leadership means to me! Nice one VTS.


wrote …

As a chiropractor, it is encouraging to see real people talk about their positive experiences of a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic is a proactive approach to restoring alignment and balance which improves performance. Plus, when the mind and body are communicating neurologically the body functions better and adapts faster.


wrote …

It is hard for me to believe but I just watched
this video more times than I watched the
"Beauty in Strength" video


wrote …



wrote …

GREAT STUFF. What a great relationship the company has with its employees... I would invest in this company.. this is REAL leadership.. people who are helping their employees and it's all helping out the bottom line. Health and Wealth. It's all there. Nutrition is a great place to start.. everyone likes a free meal. People like the idea of exercising, but when they have to inconvenience themselves, they tend not to do it... but when it's automatically part of your day, you're gonna get it done.. plus what a great stress relief during a work day.
This is a great story. Congratulations to the employees and to the administration who were brave enough to think outside the box and thing ahead rather than trying to fix things after they are broken.


wrote …

I totally want to work there!!!!!!! VTS rocks!


wrote …

Well done . . . Guns Up!


wrote …

I want to move to Texas and work and VTS now. I also think maybe you should show this or maybe do talks with other companies, or even fire/police departments that haven't looked into this. AWESOME JOB SIR AWESOME!!!


wrote …

Being a chiropractor I obviously enjoyed this piece, but as an American what I really cued in on was the relationship between the owner/management of VTS and the employees. This is what America used to be like when the owners of a company lived and worked along side the people they employed. Now it's largely absentee owners and capital management companies that treat employees no better than any other piece of machinery, disposing of them whenever convenient. Onsite owners know what's fair, what's not and act accordingly. Absentee owners are willing to move a plant and destroy a community for a tenth percent more return on their investment. That's one of the things I like about CrossFit. I know the owner of my box. I know her husband. I know her son. All the years I spent at a Globogym and I never even learned the name of the front desk staffers, let alone anyone in management. Thanks for a great video.


wrote …

I think the key to the amazing results in healthcare reductions are the Allen’s themselves. I think the employees realize this company cares about them and wants them to go home safe after their workday. It is far from the norm of most companies to take care of employee over Stock value or profits. I am very impressed by the quality of tools they have selected to make everyone life more worthwhile!

I am sure when the company asks folks to step-up and meet a demanding deadline this Team responds in kind.


Thomas Patton wrote …

I am super inspired by this story. I will be brainstorming about how I can make a real impact in the lives of some family business employees!! Awesome VTS and Cody Allen!!!


wrote …

what leadership the Allen's have shown. North Americans are becoming obese and relying on health care at an alarming rater. Wouldn't it be great if other employers followed suit. Insurance rates would drop and people would be happy and healthy. Koodos to VTS!!


replied to comment from Nancy Shaver

Ironically, they talk about how the insurance company wants to jack up their rates because they haven't used their insurance. It's a rigged game. Use your insurance and your rates go up. Don't use your insurance and your rates go up. The only solution was mentioned when they talked about being partially self insured. I bet by now they are well on their way to being fully self insured.

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