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September 17, 2012

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CrossFit is changing lives in Africa. Emily Beers asks Dallin Frampton how the affiliate community can help.

In February 2011, CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman and a group of CrossFit personnel travelled to Park City, Utah, for a retreat. Joining them for the weekend getaway at a local ski resort was a group of CrossFitters eager to meet Coach Glassman.

Twenty-two-year-old Dallin Frampton and some others from his affiliate made the trek. After a Q&A session with Coach Glassman, Frampton approached CrossFit’s founder and started talking to him. Before he knew it, Frampton had told Glassman all about his humanitarian efforts in Kenya.

“I saw this spark in his eye,” Frampton said of Glassman. “He seemed instantly compelled.”

“We want to be involved in that. How do I get involved?” Glassman asked.

“Well, it costs $10,000 to build a school. You can name the school whatever you want,” Frampton told Glassman.

On the spot, Glassman pretty much said, “Sign me up,” Frampton recalled.

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3 Comments on “Dallin Frampton: CrossFit in Kenya”


wrote …

Great cause! Myself and my company (AtLarge Nutrition) are in.


I urge all affiliate owners to consider this initiative. You can truly make a difference.


replied to comment from Chris Mason

Chris, I am probably not the first to think of this.
(I f@#%ing hope not) But how about this.

Design a CrossFit work out. (Make it a chipper I love chippers)

Get HQ on the horn since they are already on board with
CrossFit in Kenya any-how.

And next step is take a trip to Kenya (Talk to Dallin Frampton
I am sure he knows how to get there) to compile a KICK ASS
video designed to this cause. (Make it emotional. My wife ALWAYS
lets me donate if the video I show her is emotional!)

Next step. start a charity fund raiser!!!
Like we do with Barbells for Boobs, CrossFit for Hope. Ect...
They are great for the community. They bring awareness for a great cause.
And another plus, It makes more people in a community aware of crossfit
if the affiliate owners host the event and spread the word around town...

Final step. Give it a Kickass name. like i dunno... CrossFit for Kenya!!!
(Please use that name ~~> CrossFit for Kenya

I will donate $50.00 and if everyone else can donate a little of there
money and time... or just money... $1, $5, $10, $20, or what have you...
I bet we can all make a huge impact in Kenya. like a couple dozen
CrossFit schools in Kenya... Hell look at Barbells for Boobs...

Around $470,000.00 Nationally raised... Fuck that is like 50 schools
times that by 50 kids. That's 2,500 Kenyans a year getting a HS education
and 2,500 kids avoiding poverty and having a longer life expectancy

($#!&, you might even get one of them making it through regional's and
into the games to knock Rich Froning off that podium... just a thought)


wrote …

….Or we can put our efforts and resources into fixing what needs to be fixed in our own country. Just a thought.

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