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September 18, 2012

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You don’t have to go far within the walls of I Am CrossFit in Miami to find inspiration and camaraderie.

“I don’t want to answer like everybody else, but I have to: it’s the community. It’s the members,” owner Mike Osuna says of what makes the place special.

Among those members is Cary Garcia, who lost 42 lb. in eight months.

“I went from lifting 45, maybe 75 lb., to putting 125 lb. overhead, which is just crazy. I never thought I could do that,” she says.

“My favorite part of CrossFit is that I have a community of people that’s pretty much there for me all the time,” she says. “If I don’t come here to the box, I get a phone call.”

Javier Sosa, formerly 285 lb., wasn’t able to keep off weight. After CrossFit, Sosa says he has more energy at 42 than he had when he was 20.

“You could become a Ph.D., be a doctor, be whatever, and if you’re unhealthy, what good is it?” he asks.

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4 Comments on “Box Tour: I Am CrossFit”


wrote …

What a great looking box you guys have! Used to live in Miami and think that if I was still there, I would have moved closer so I could go there. Good inspirational stories as well. Keep it up.


wrote …

I'm in this video! Love my old box and coaches at IACF


Alfred Hued wrote …

heck yeah!!! my boy Danny doing his thing.. he was my coach when I started about 2 years ago.. did my one on one with him.. great guy.. great coach. With his example I am also a Level 1 trainer now.. competing and trying to pass on what was taught to me.


wrote …


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