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Box Tour: CrossFit King of Prussia by Aimee and Jason Lyons - CrossFit Journal

Box Tour: CrossFit King of Prussia

By Aimee and Jason Lyons

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September 30, 2012

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When Aimee and Jason Lyons started CrossFit King of Prussia in 2008, it was in a 400-square-foot space.

“Four mats wide by four mats deep,” Jason Lyons says. “Tiny little space. One day we were running Jackie with one rower and 18 people showed up for class. It was time to go shopping.”

From there, the couple moved its affiliate into a 1,500-square-foot facility.

“We were there about three months until we were getting about 40 people per class,” Lyons says. “We realized that we needed to offer more classes and moved to a bigger space.”

In 2009, CrossFit KOP settled into its fourth and current location: a historic theater in Bridgeport, Pa. There, trainers have 6,000 square feet of usable floor space.

The box is complete with a daycare room, a kitchen and a vending machine that sells Larabars, PaleoKits and PaleoKrunch.

“My dad’s built everything,” Aimee Lyons says, pointing to well-organized atlas stones. “So every time he sees something that sort of looks like a mess, he builds us a new shelf or a new box.”

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3 Comments on “Box Tour: CrossFit King of Prussia”


wrote …

Aimee and Jason run one of the finest CrossFit establishments around. Top notch trainer staff, high energy and fun atmosphere, great community and a great, functional space to house it all. Kudos to KOP for setting the standard!


wrote …

Yeah KoP! (Thanks Steve!)


wrote …

I did my Level 1 in April 2012 at CF KOP, it's an amazing box with amazing people. What you didn't see in the video was the beautiful ladies locker room with multiple showers, sinks, etc!! I'm jealous :)

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